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Today, developers implementing object-oriented applications with relational database backend still using traditional SQL query tools to access and analyze relational data. To debug an issue, most often than not, an object and several of its related objects have to be retrieved using several queries. It is a tedious task to create and maintain these queries.

With SQL Edge®, users can use only one query to retrieve data in a table, and then browse data in all related tables. The relationships are retrieved from foreign key constraints and can also be custom defined even between tables in different databases.

SQL Edge® has six perspectives. The Query Perspective allows users run any SQL statements or scripts. The Schema Perspective displays database schema information and allows users to create tables, views, synonyms and sequences. There are two relationship perspectives. The Relationship Table View displays data in the master-detail style. The Relationship Tree View displays master table records as top-level tree nodes. The nodes can be expanded to reveal any level of related detail records. In addition, clicking any node will display the corresponding data in a detail grid. The Model Perspective displays tables and their relationships in ER-diagrams. It supports auto-layout, outline view, rulers, grid, and multi-page print preview. The Execution Plan Perspective displays the execution plan of a query.

The following summarizes SQL Edge's major features: